Ointment Manufacturing Plant / Manufacturer / Supplier / Exporter

Ointment Manufacturing Plant

Ointment manufacturing plant is a tool manufactured for the pharmaceutical industry which includes syrups, liquid and other water-based products. The capacity is from 500 ltrs. To 10,000 ltrs. Ointment manufacturing plant is specially designed to take care of critical factors which directly affects the quality of liquids.

Sugar Dissolving Vessel

The Sugar Dissolving Vessel is a jacketed cylindrical tank which consists of a closed circuit manufacturing facility from the feeding of Sugar / Water Phase to loading the Ointment Filling Machine. The Sugar and Water are stacked with vacuum framework or by the mechanical framework or physically.


The Sugar Pre Filter is a little tank that contains a work through which the sugar syrup is prepared at the required temperature and shifted before being moved into the assembling vessel.

Manufacturing Vessel

The Manufacturing Vessel is a jacketed/limpet loop barrel-shaped vessel with torrispherical dish closures and propeller compose fomenter. The Manufacturing vessel can be given the best stirrer or a base stirrer course of action according to client pre-requisite.


A Homogenizer is an equipment used with manufacturing vessel to reduce size of particles and uniform mixing.

Storage Vessel

The Storage Vessel is a cylindrical tank where the pump discharges the product or is then taken to the filling region (on the off chance that it is the little limit) and is associated again with Liquid Transfer Pump.

Transfer Pumps

Transfer Pump is used to transfer any kind of liquid product from one place to another. In other way Transfer Pump helps to transfer the ointment product from the Manufacturing Vessel to the Storage vessel.

Vacuum System

Vacuum System is used to transfer sugar and sugar syrup. Vacuum System is a tool which maintains the pressure inside a chamber under the value of atmospheric or it is an inter-connecting pipeline.

Inter-Connecting Pipeline

The Inter-Connecting Pipeline has accommodated the plant according to the design. All funnels are electro-cleaned from within.

Working Platform

Working Platform is manufactured to help in the maintenance and operation of the plant.

Control Panel

The electrical control board houses the vital electrical segments and controls needed to work for the plant. Custom assembled computerization can be used to enhance the productivity and lessen the inaccuracy.